Are NCERT Books Enough to Prepare for JEE Main? How They Can Help Score Well in Entrance Exam

Is ncert enough for JEE/ JEE Mains?
Yes, NCERT books have always been one of the most used books with exam toppers and expert teachers.

The JEE Mains Exam is conducted through online mode. It is an objective question paper with questions about Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry and the students are given three hours to complete the exam. You will be awarded four marks for each correct answer you mark and one mark for each wrong answer. 


The paper has 90 questions, out of which the student has to attempt 75 questions with physics, mathematics and chemistry sections, each having 25 questions. This means you can choose what questions you want to answer, giving you a chance to get a total score of 300 when selecting your questions smartly.

There are many materials available in the market to help you prepare for your JEE Main preparation; most people take help of tutoring, coaching, books and test-taking and other preparation methods. So, If you use ncert books for jee mains you can score good marks.



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Where does NCERT Books come in your JEE Mains preparations?

  1. Improves your conceptual knowledge Having a solid foundation about which questions are asked is one of the best ways to strengthen and solidify your understanding of the topics without wasting time studying unimportant topics.
  2. Basis of a lot of exams: JEE Main and all the major entrance exams have been fundamental to their knowledge base to the CBSE board, Class 11th and 12th textbooks as these are the reference books most people have. NCERT books are written after a lot of research and developed continuously under the guidance of CBSE guidelines. 
  3. Most of the CBSE and JEE Syllabus topics are common, and that is why lots of JEE Toppers and educators swear by using NCERT as the central part of your preparation. It is easy for you to master inorganic and physical chemistry as most of the questions come directly from the book. If you prepare for NEET, most of the questions in biology are directly from the NCERT textbooks.
  4. Mathematics and NCERT: You would have to use a lot more resources when preparing for mathematics and physics as the numerical based problems are more of a practice thing, and NCERT won’t be able to give you an exhaustive list of all possible questions you can be asked on a particular topic. So, NCERT can be used as a base, but you should practise more through reference books and improve your problem-solving skills.
  5. Can help you meet the minimum cutoff requirements: You can quickly summarise and advance your study. NCERT solutions also help you grasp the basics of JEE Mains topics. If you study every topic religiously and go through every line written in the NCERT textbook when added with practice paper and mock test, you will be able to score a minimum cutoff.

Is ncert chemistry enough for JEE Mains?
Yes, ncert chemistry books is enough for jee mains preparation. 

You will have to work with other advanced material, preparations and sample questions to get a good rank in NCERT. It plays a massive role in your preparation but might have a limited number of practice questions for advanced practice and improve your problem-solving skills exceptionally.


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