What is the NEET-UG Chemistry Syllabus, and why Should you Know it?

NEET ( National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the most important exam in a medical aspirant’s life. As it is the only national-level exam that helps them get into their desired medical, dental, veterinary, and AYUSH colleges.

Luckily scoring well in NEET is not as hard as it seems. With proper guidance, practice, and dedication, anyone can achieve a good enough rank to get into the college of their dreams. Most of the students start preparing early with the help of coaching classes, tutors, Live interactive NEET Classes, study materials and books to prepare themselves for the NEET exam.


The exam paper contains Biology, Chemistry, and Physics sections, respectively. More weightage is for Biology, which has a total score of 360, while Chemistry and Physics are 180 marks each. You can score a maximum of 720 marks.

In this article, we will focus on the Chemistry section of the NEET Paper. The Chemistry section’s difficulty level is moderate. If you know the chemistry weightage neet with work smartly, you will be able to score pretty well in the section, which increases your chances of scoring high and making it to the top of the merit list .

Here is the table containing the chemistry syllabus for the 11th and 12th class:

Syllabus for Class 11
Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Structure of Atom
Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
Redox Reactions
s-Block Elements
Some p-Block Elements
Organic Chemistry: Basic Principles & Techniques
Environmental Chemistry

There are a total of 14 chapters in class 11th CBSE board. 

Here is the syllabus for Class 12th. 

Syllabus for Class 12
Solid State
Chemical Kinetics
Surface Chemistry
Isolation of Elements
p-Block Elements
d- and f-Block Elements
Coordination Compounds
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
Chemistry in Everyday Life

Total of 16 chapters in class 12th you have to master to prepare well for chemistry.

When you are Preparing for the chemistry section, you will have to go through the entire Chemistry syllabus in the NCERT textbooks of the 11th and 12th classes. You can broadly divide the Chemistry syllabus into three sections Physical, Organic chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. 

Dividing your preparation into these three sections helps you make strategies to tackle each type of problem as they all require different methods to ace the subject. Organic chemistry will require you to remember many molecular shapes and named reactions, uses of the compounds and how they are made. Here these are weightage of organic chemistry in neet with important topics. 

Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry
Biomolecules Coordination Compounds
Basic principles Periodic Properties of Elements
Organic Compounds Block Elements – d, f, p, s Hydrogen Bonding
Hydrocarbons Hydrogen Bonding
Polymers Chemical Bonding

In physical chemistry, you are expected to know all the fundamentals of the topics. Most of the time, simple questions and numerical can be expected from this section, which means you have to prepare and practice solving your doubts to score well.

Physical Chemistry
Atomic Structure Redox Reactions
Chemical Kinetics Solutions
Electrochemistry Stoichiometry
Equilibrium Surface Chemistry
Mole Concept Thermodynamics
Nuclear Chemistry  

Chemistry requires you to remember essential reactions. Practice all named reactions, understand the fundamental concepts of chemicals and have lots of practice. 

This means you should make sure you make notes every time you study so that you can remember the crucial facts and revise them later. Going through the same material repeatedly helps with the retention of the concepts and will heavily help you score good marks.

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